Timber window and door repair and replacement

In Beds, Herts & Bucks

traditional window

We carry out the repair and fabrication of timber windows and doors. From the complete restoration of sash windows to the bespoke building of traditional windows and doors.

Listed properties with original windows and doors

We have the knowledge and willingness Not to ‘sell’ you any solution.
We provide objective information as to what is possible and required, there are many alternatives to replacement.

If your Listed property has the original windows and doors, we strongly believe that all repair options should be considered. Is new always better? Definitely not, we do offer replacement doors and windows that are made as close to the originals as possible, but we will always explore all repair options with you first.

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Traditional ledge and braced doors

Made to measure and fitted with traditional furniture, our traditional bespoke ledge and braced doors Keep the authentic traditional properties of your home.

Our consultation service can provide you with all the information you need, to decide what course of action to take with your traditional windows or doors. Be it sensitive repair or replacement.

You can see our work replacing Traditional ledge and braced doors here and one of our projects replacing traditional timber sash windows here.

You can view some of our work below

The final photo in that series is of a sliding sash window in much need of repair. All options would be presented in our survey when dealing with a traditional window like this. from a complete strip-down and reinstatement to newly fabricated replica windows.

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For Consultations and Quotes.

Consultations are free, during the meeting we will advise you if you need a site survey. Which we do charge for but is not always necessary.

We then provide quotes based on the initial consultation and the site survey if one was required.